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MONDAY, 24 OCTOBER 2022 09:00

RealCalc v3.0.2 released

What's new:

MONDAY, 26 SEPTEMBER 2022 07:20

RealCalc v3.0.1 released

What's new:

FRIDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER 2022 09:00

RealCalc v3.0.0 released

What's new:

FRIDAY, 16 OCTOBER 2015 09:00

RealCalc v2.3.1 released

What's new:

TUESDAY, 6 OCTOBER 2015 10:00

RealCalc v2.3.0 released

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THURSDAY, 23 JULY 2015 09:20

RealCalc v2.2.0 released

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FRIDAY, 15 MAY 2015 09:15

RealCalc comes to the Amazon Appstore

RealCalc Scientific Calculator and RealCalc Plus are now available on the Amazon Appstore, for both Android and Fire devices.

Make sure it's published by Quartic Software though - a couple of friendly "developers" liked the name so much they decided to use it themselves ...

MONDAY, 27 APRIL 2015 09:30

RealCalc v2.1.0 released

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FRIDAY, 2 JANUARY 2015 11:30

RealCalc v2.0.3 released

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TUESDAY, 23 DECEMBER 2014 11:10

RealCalc v2.0.1 released

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RealCalc v1.7.4 released

What's new:

Note that this release is only for RealCalc Plus, the free version has not been updated.

FRIDAY, 9 DECEMBER 2011 09:00

RealCalc v1.7.3 released

What's new:

WEDNESDAY, 26 OCTOBER 2011 09:00

RealCalc v1.7.2 released

What's new:


RealCalc v1.7.1 released

The paid version of RealCalc is now called "RealCalc Plus". This is the same app as the previous "donate" version, so existing purchases of RealCalc Donate will still be valid for the new version.

What's new:

MONDAY, 23 MAY 2011 09:00

RealCalc v1.6.3 released

What's new:

TUESDAY, 17 MAY 2011 17:00

RealCalc v1.6.2 released

What's new:

TUESDAY, 17 MAY 2011 09:00

RealCalc v1.6.1 released

What's new:

WEDNESDAY, 9 MARCH 2011 16:55

New donate version released

A 'donate' version of RealCalc has now been published on the market. If you find RealCalc useful, please consider donating to support further development. This version features user-customizable unit conversions and constants, as a small thank-you for donating!

WEDNESDAY, 9 MARCH 2011 16:50

RealCalc v1.6.0 released

What's new:

FRIDAY, 25 FEBRUARY 2011 11:55

RealCalc v1.5.0 released

What's new:

WEDNESDAY, 12 JANUARY 2011 09:20

Two million users!

If you can believe the numbers provided by the Android market, RealCalc has now reached over two million active downloads. To celebrate, I shall be buying myself a pint (that's a UK pint, 1.2 of your US pints or 568ml).

Thanks to everyone for your support.

SUNDAY, 9 JANUARY 2011 22:00

RealCalc v1.4.5 released

What's new:

It seems that the custom home screens provided by HTC, Samsung etc don't like it when you change the name of the app's main activity, and leave a broken shortcut on the home screen and possibly in the app menu as well. Unfortunately this means I've had to revert the name and release again.

If you get an error such as "the linked application is no longer installed on your phone", then please uninstall RealCalc via the Market app and then download it again. If this does not fix it, please try rebooting your phone after uninstalling, then reinstall.

Apologies to those who installed v1.4.4 and have already hit this problem, as you'll need to uninstall a second time to get v1.4.5. Anyone upgrading straight from v1.4.3 to v1.4.5 should be ok.

SUNDAY, 9 JANUARY 2011 15:00

RealCalc v1.4.4 released

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RealCalc v1.4.3 released

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SATURDAY, 28 AUGUST 2010 16:09

RealCalc v1.4.2 released

What's new:

MONDAY, 2 AUGUST 2010 13:18

RealCalc v1.4.1 released

What's new:

TUESDAY, 15 DECEMBER 2009 07:48

RealCalc v1.3.3 released

What's new:

TUESDAY, 15 DECEMBER 2009 07:04

RealCalc v1.3.2 released

What's new:


RealCalc v1.3.1 released

What's new:

FRIDAY, 20 NOVEMBER 2009 08:45

RealCalc v1.3.0 released

What's new:

THURSDAY, 12 NOVEMBER 2009 23:47

RealCalc v1.2.0 released

What's new:

SUNDAY, 8 NOVEMBER 2009 21:09

RealCalc v1.1.0 released

What's new:

TUESDAY, 3 NOVEMBER 2009 08:46

RealCalc v1.0.1 released

What's new:

MONDAY, 2 NOVEMBER 2009 19:56

RealCalc v1.0.0 released

The initial release of RealCalc is now available on the Android Market.