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MONDAY, 24 OCTOBER 2022 09:00

RealCalc v3.0.2 released

What's new:

  • Put the old app icon back!
  • Added monochrome app icon for themed icon support.
  • Fixed a couple of potential crashes.

MONDAY, 26 SEPTEMBER 2022 07:20

RealCalc v3.0.1 released

What's new:

  • Added option to include labels in clipboard copy.
  • Added ability to resize and reposition layout on devices with large screens or unusual aspect ratios: go to Menu > Resize.

FRIDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER 2022 09:00

RealCalc v3.0.0 released

What's new:

  • Updated for Android 13.
  • Constants updated to latest NIST values.
  • Added redo-last-conversion feature (RealCalc Plus only).
  • Custom data export/import now uses Storage Access Framework (this allows export of data to local storage or cloud services).
  • Fixed some UI issues.

FRIDAY, 16 OCTOBER 2015 09:00

RealCalc v2.3.1 released

What's new:

  • Fixed possible crash on a few devices running 5.1 (Jiayu S3, Lenovo K3 Note).

TUESDAY, 6 OCTOBER 2015 10:00

RealCalc v2.3.0 released

What's new:

  • Homescreen widget now supports RPN (follows app by default, can be changed in settings).
  • New delta-percent function.
  • Support for Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

THURSDAY, 23 JULY 2015 09:20

RealCalc v2.2.0 released

What's new:

  • Homescreen widget - a basic version of RealCalc with percent, square-root and memory which can be placed on your homescreen (RealCalc Plus only).
  • Bitwise shift and rotate functions in binary/octal/hex modes.
  • Values now truncated on conversion to integer for binary/octal/hex modes (rounding available as an option in settings).
  • Constants updated to latest NIST 2014 values.
  • Four-digit grouping option in Display Format settings.
  • Option to restore entry state on undo in RPN mode.
  • Minor UI improvements.

FRIDAY, 15 MAY 2015 09:15

RealCalc comes to the Amazon Appstore

RealCalc Scientific Calculator and RealCalc Plus are now available on the Amazon Appstore, for both Android and Fire devices.

Make sure it's published by Quartic Software though - a couple of friendly "developers" liked the name so much they decided to use it themselves ...

MONDAY, 27 APRIL 2015 09:30

RealCalc v2.1.0 released

What's new:

  • Samsung multi-window support with drag & drop (RealCalc Plus only)
  • Hardware keyboard support (press '?' on keyboard to show mapping, see Help > Basic Operation for more details)
  • RPN 'undo' function
  • Four-row RPN display option
  • Drag display to adjust RPN rows
  • New click-sound options (see 'Button Feedback' in settings)
  • Indian digit grouping (see 'Display Format' in settings)

FRIDAY, 2 JANUARY 2015 11:30

RealCalc v2.0.3 released

What's new:

  • Restored missing button-feedback setting for pre-Honeycomb devices.
  • Added option to swap left/right keypads in landscape mode (RealCalc Plus only).
  • A few minor UI fixes.

TUESDAY, 23 DECEMBER 2014 11:10

RealCalc v2.0.1 released

What's new:

  • New menu button (above SHIFT) for phones with Honeycomb or later.
  • New 7-segment and dot-matrix display options.
  • 12-digit display (RealCalc Plus only).
  • Increased exponent range up to 999.
  • Increased internal precision to 32-digit (RealCalc Plus only).
  • New RPN modes (RealCalc Plus only).
  • New repeat-calculation behaviour: press operator twice (K shown in display).
  • Constants updated to NIST 2010 values.
  • Memory and history clear on dialogs.
  • Various UI improvements.


RealCalc v1.7.4 released

What's new:

  • Fixed bug in display of small negative DMS values (RealCalc Plus only).

Note that this release is only for RealCalc Plus, the free version has not been updated.

FRIDAY, 9 DECEMBER 2011 09:00

RealCalc v1.7.3 released

What's new:

  • Updates for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

WEDNESDAY, 26 OCTOBER 2011 09:00

RealCalc v1.7.2 released

What's new:

  • Fixed possible crash on close-parenthesis.
  • Fixed possible lock-up in nCr/nPr for large numbers.
  • Delete key now deletes back from exponent to mantissa.
  • Added options for orientation setting. Now respects system auto-rotate setting by default.
  • Added options to set full-screen mode depending on orientation.
  • Added option to swap fraction and DMS keys.
  • Added support for inverse conversion unit relationships, e.g. mpg to litres/100km.


RealCalc v1.7.1 released

The paid version of RealCalc is now called "RealCalc Plus". This is the same app as the previous "donate" version, so existing purchases of RealCalc Donate will still be valid for the new version.

What's new:

  • Added fractions support (entry, conversion and calculation) [RealCalc Plus only]. Please read the help!
  • Added degrees/minutes/seconds support (entry, conversion and calculation) [RealCalc Plus only]. Please read the help!
  • Added landscape layout [RealCalc Plus only].
  • Added MOD function (for integer and real numbers).
  • Added adjustable button feedback and visual long-click feedback.
  • Fixed possible crash on startup.

MONDAY, 23 MAY 2011 09:00

RealCalc v1.6.3 released

What's new:

  • Added option to preserve state on calculator close (see 'Keep State' option in settings).
  • Fixed bug in RPN stack persistence.
  • Fixed crash on divide-by-zero before open parenthesis.

TUESDAY, 17 MAY 2011 17:00

RealCalc v1.6.2 released

What's new:

  • Fixed bug in persistence of stack, memory and history values in HEX/BIN/OCT modes.

TUESDAY, 17 MAY 2011 09:00

RealCalc v1.6.1 released

What's new:

  • Added full-screen option.
  • RPN stack is now preserved on close.
  • Reversed RPN stack dialog to match display.
  • Corrected units of Planck constant.
  • Fixed bug in implied multiply before opening parenthesis.
  • Fixed crash when opening copy/paste dialog on Honeycomb.

WEDNESDAY, 9 MARCH 2011 16:55

New donate version released

A 'donate' version of RealCalc has now been published on the market. If you find RealCalc useful, please consider donating to support further development. This version features user-customizable unit conversions and constants, as a small thank-you for donating!

WEDNESDAY, 9 MARCH 2011 16:50

RealCalc v1.6.0 released

What's new:

  • Added force units to conversions. Note that CONV key has moved.
  • Added physical constants table (new CNST key above +/-).
  • Customizable unit conversions and constants [donate only].

FRIDAY, 25 FEBRUARY 2011 11:55

RealCalc v1.5.0 released

What's new:

  • Disabled HEX/BIN/OCT modes by default - they can be enabled in the settings.
  • Added display of number of decimal places or significant digits in FIX/SCI/ENG modes.
  • Added short (US) ton and cwt to unit conversions.
  • Fixed RPN stack push following radix change.
  • Fixed haptic feedback for long-clicks.

WEDNESDAY, 12 JANUARY 2011 09:20

Two million users!

If you can believe the numbers provided by the Android market, RealCalc has now reached over two million active downloads. To celebrate, I shall be buying myself a pint (that's a UK pint, 1.2 of your US pints or 568ml).

Thanks to everyone for your support.

SUNDAY, 9 JANUARY 2011 22:00

RealCalc v1.4.5 released

What's new:

  • Reverted to old package name to fix upgrade issues.

It seems that the custom home screens provided by HTC, Samsung etc don't like it when you change the name of the app's main activity, and leave a broken shortcut on the home screen and possibly in the app menu as well. Unfortunately this means I've had to revert the name and release again.

If you get an error such as "the linked application is no longer installed on your phone", then please uninstall RealCalc via the Market app and then download it again. If this does not fix it, please try rebooting your phone after uninstalling, then reinstall.

Apologies to those who installed v1.4.4 and have already hit this problem, as you'll need to uninstall a second time to get v1.4.5. Anyone upgrading straight from v1.4.3 to v1.4.5 should be ok.

SUNDAY, 9 JANUARY 2011 15:00

RealCalc v1.4.4 released

What's new:

  • Fixed number display formatting on Android 2.3.
  • Minor bug fixes.


RealCalc v1.4.3 released

What's new:

  • Fixed blank keys on custom Arabic roms.
  • Fixed possible force-close when switching between normal and RPN modes.
  • Minor bug fixes.

SATURDAY, 28 AUGUST 2010 16:09

RealCalc v1.4.2 released

What's new:

  • Added number format option to select characters used for decimal separator and digit grouping (replaces previous digit grouping options).
  • Added option to swap 1/x and % keys.
  • Added option to keep screen on.
  • Fixed RPN stack push behaviour.
  • Fixed power/root functions for odd integer roots of negative numbers.
  • Bug fixes.

MONDAY, 2 AUGUST 2010 13:18

RealCalc v1.4.1 released

What's new:

  • High-res key legends and icons.
  • Moved memory and history clear functions to main menu.
  • Changed application label to 'RealCalc' to avoid confusion with built-in calculator.
  • Added comma-separated digit grouping (see Settings).
  • Added copy-and-paste function. Press display to activate.
  • Fixed number range bug in hex/oct modes.
  • Added a few extra conversions for mass, pressure and energy.
  • Enabled install to SD for Android 2.2.

TUESDAY, 15 DECEMBER 2009 07:48

RealCalc v1.3.3 released

What's new:

  • Fixed HEX/OCT/BIN display formatting bug for small or large screens.

TUESDAY, 15 DECEMBER 2009 07:04

RealCalc v1.3.2 released

What's new:

  • Added support for small screen devices, e.g. HTC Tattoo.


RealCalc v1.3.1 released

What's new:

  • Disabled keys now grayed out in hex/oct/bin modes.
  • Fixed number formatting for locales which use comma for decimal point.
  • RPN stack no longer cleared on calculation error.
  • Fixed rare bug where DEL/AC keys are disabled after switching from RPN to normal mode.

FRIDAY, 20 NOVEMBER 2009 08:45

RealCalc v1.3.0 released

What's new:

  • Added RPN operation mode (can be enabled in Settings).
  • Added long-click support as an alternative to SHIFT key.
  • Fixed hours/days conversion.

THURSDAY, 12 NOVEMBER 2009 23:47

RealCalc v1.2.0 released

What's new:

  • Unit conversions for distance, area, volume, mass, etc (new CONV function above EXP key).
  • Full built-in help accessible from the menu.
  • Repeat calculation feature.
  • Dialog for decimal places (TAB key).
  • Fixed minor display rounding bug.

SUNDAY, 8 NOVEMBER 2009 21:09

RealCalc v1.1.0 released

What's new:

  • New settings screen.
  • Calculation result history. Pressing ANS key now brings up result history dialog. Maximum history length can be adjusted on the settings screen. When set to 'Off' it works as before, i.e. ANS key gives last calculation result (no dialog). The history can also be cleared from the settings screen.
  • New memory store / recall dialogs. Pressing STO or RCL now brings up a dialog showing the current memory contents, of both the main memory (M) and the additional memories 1 to 9. This allows you to see the contents of memories before storing a new value or recalling an existing value. The contents of the memories can be cleared (reset to zero) from the settings screen.

TUESDAY, 3 NOVEMBER 2009 08:46

RealCalc v1.0.1 released

What's new:

  • Removed copy protection to allow backup to SD card.
  • Fixed crash when pressing the DEL key under certain circumstances.

MONDAY, 2 NOVEMBER 2009 19:56

RealCalc v1.0.0 released

The initial release of RealCalc is now available on the Android Market.